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IT Network Management

You got into business because you’re an expert at what you do, so you probably don’t have time to fix broken computers.

At VIP, we got into business because we’re experts at what we do. It would be impossible for you to hire an IT staff that could rival VIP’s professionalism and experience. Think of all the ways you could spend the money it would take to fully staff a qualified IT department!

No matter what you’re currently paying to manage your network, VIP can beat it – through greater efficiency, less downtime and lower costs.


Why you should trust your network to VIP’s team of engineers and technicians:

  • The right equipment, properly maintained and serviced, significantly reduces down time.
  • Performance monitoring and maintenance leads to improved network and hardware performance.
  • VIP’s experts and vendors are up to speed on how to guard against the latest security threats.
  • Routine testing and updating improves network security.
  • VIP’s technicians schedule around you, so your employees can work without interruption or intrusion.
  • Manageable network costs through a fixed monthly payment.

All businesses face the possibility of having one IT person overwhelmed by a mountain of work, or an expensive team of professionals waiting for something to do. You pay their salaries whether they’re busy or idle. So why not have a team of qualified experts, ready and able to deliver solutions on time, every time?


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On-Demand Support

Premium network support at an affordable monthly rate.

24/7 Monitoring
Rapid Response
Hardware/Software Inventory
Proactive Planning and Design
Dedicated IT Manager
Outsourced IT Support

Pay-as-You-Go Pro

Professional service at a competitive hourly rate.

Experienced, courteous technicians